Monday, August 15, 2005


visiting my grandmother


me and my grandmother Posted by Picasa


83 year old grandma, going to feed the chickens Posted by Picasa


feeding the chickens... Posted by Picasa


here, my grandma was showing us a chicken she wanted to give us Posted by Picasa


mom and grandma (I used to go up on those hills in the back to search for blackberries) Posted by Picasa


mom and grandma Posted by Picasa


my grandma Posted by Picasa


My grandma Posted by Picasa


my grandparents house, house built from scratch by them some 50-60 years ago and where I spend all my summers when I was growing up Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005



anyway, if you are new to this site: the most recent pictures are of me, some of my friends and family, and my dogs. if you want to see older pictures go down a page a bit, and on the left side you'll see the "archives" menu. the july 2005 contains the pictures from budapest, june 2005 has random pictures from the country side of my mom, uncle and 83 year old grandma, and the march 2005 has really random pictures of winter in constantza, winter in moscor, some po-mo bar in poland and my ski adventure this year with alok-honey.
to come: september 2005: mexico pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully they will be better than the pictures I took in budapest and show a more wholesome view of the places I visit.


Magda (4th of July)  Posted by Picasa


Friends and family in Bucharest

dad Posted by Picasa


friends Posted by Picasa


friends Posted by Picasa


friends in bucharest Posted by Picasa


sister Posted by Picasa


sisters Posted by Picasa


The Dogs of Mogoshoaia


frumushica aka the pretty one Posted by Picasa


frumushica aka the pretty one Posted by Picasa


ursu aka the bear Posted by Picasa


ursu aka the bear Posted by Picasa

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