Friday, September 23, 2005


Mexico trip pics

view from business class (for whatever reason I traveled business class from amsterdam to mexico city). needless to say when I got back they gave me the absolutely worst seat in the whole plane... Posted by Picasa


view from first class II Posted by Picasa


quintessential mexico (for me at least) Posted by Picasa


our hotel in mexico city balcony Posted by Picasa


mexico city "suburbs" Posted by Picasa


... Posted by Picasa


mexican owl Posted by Picasa


somewhere in the downtown area  Posted by Picasa


artsy neighborhood Posted by Picasa


artsy neighborhood Posted by Picasa


taxi cabs in mexico city Posted by Picasa


independence angel Posted by Picasa


the palace of fine arts Posted by Picasa


artsy neighborhood Posted by Picasa


the mexico city stock exchange Posted by Picasa


the original guadalupe image  Posted by Picasa


inside the guadalupe new cathedral Posted by Picasa


guadalupe (new cathedral) - there are more catholic pilgrims that visit this place every year than the vatican Posted by Picasa


guadalupe old church Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan - caactus tree Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan - see I did climb the pyramid Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan - the sun piramid Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan - quetzacoatl temple Posted by Picasa


teotihuacan  Posted by Picasa

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