Friday, June 02, 2006


Istanbul trip April 2006

New pictures from our (Magda and Alok that is) trip to Istanbul (April 2006). We spent only few days there and it was rainign for most of our trip, but it was fun, especially the Grand Bazaar. I don't know why I like huge colorful, full of mostly useless trinkets markets but I do... I just love Turkish food and sweets--we ate there like there was no tomorrow.
As we mainly stayed in old turistic Istanbul, filled of course with all the foreigners stereotypes of how Istanbul and turks look and act like, I kept wondering if younger more modern Turks try to put a distance between themselves and the mirage city enacted for Westerners.
When I go to such turist magnet places, I cannot but compare them with Bucharest, the perfect anti-tourist city: not that there are no tourist attractions here (or that tourist attractions cannot be "manufactured" here as well), but Bucharest has every big city's disdain for tourists, and unlike other big cities it enforces it. I mean one can not even find a little Romanian flag as a souvenir in this city...

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